Leech works like a Viagra pill.

The medical leech increases nitric oxide concentration (NO), one of the most important sexual neurotransmitters.
Nitric oxide is secreted by the cavernous nerves and diffuses towards the smooth muscle of arterioles and cavernous bodies of the penis.

The result of the relaxation of the muscle blood flows to the penis, causing an erection.
Smooth muscle relaxation is caused by activation of the cytosolic guanylyl cyclase by NO and cGMP production.
And that level of cGMP is reduced in impotent. Viagra increases the concentration of cGMP as well as medical leech.

In addition to these properties, medical leech acts on reproductive organs producing important chemical compounds:

• Hirudin, causing blood flow
• Histamine, acting relaxant and on increase of vascular permeability, which intensifies the production of mucus secretions in the membrane covering the genitals
• Hyaluronidase, taking part in the process of fertilization, owing to the fact it is present in large quantities in semen (sperm). By fluidifying mucus facilitates sperms movements in the cervical canal and a penetration through an egg shell.

Leech – vitality and youth.

Medicinal leech produces human sex hormones and steroids, supporting vitality and rejuvenating.

Leech and cancer.

Proteases are responsible for the development of metastatic tumours and tumour new tissue synthesis. Medicinal leech produces protease inhibitors, so that does not allow the spread of the disease in the form of metastasis.
Clinical studies have shown preventive action of hirudosubstances. Patients using leeches were less likely to go down with cancer.

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