MSc in Biology Anna Zieleniewska

Daily graduate of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Biology.

Former assistant on the Faculty of Clinical Biochemistry and Analysis in The Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology, in Warsaw.

Certificate “Basic serological research technician” authorised by the Medical Staff Training Centre for laboratory workers.

Certificate in the field of theoretical and practical principles of Hirudotherapy and Larval therapy in Innovation and Production Enterprise Euro-Bion conducted by a precursor of Polish Hirudotherapy and the best breeder of laboratory leech Hirudo medicinalis in Europe DSc Zygmunt Dynowski (EngD) and his colleagues.

Second-degree certificate in Hirudotherapy for the treatment of humans and animals in the company Bio-gen Ltd. Expertise gained from many doctors including the authority in this field, an outstanding hirudotherapist and surgeon, Mr Maciej Paruzel.

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